Openings Bath

Openings, a Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling is a co-operative of counselling and psychotherapy practitioners which was founded in 1984 and is based in the centre Bath.

We offer you an opportunity to talk to someone in complete confidence within a peaceful, safe environment

To choose a therapist, please look at the ‘Therapist’ page.  You will find the times that the therapists works, the fees and the types of therapy offered.  To make an appointment, please just click on the therapist and make an appointment direct using the contact details on the therapist page.

Openings ensures that all the practitioners are trained to a high standard and have suitable experience. All practitioners are required to have a code of ethics which includes professional supervision and a commitment to their ongoing development .

Practitioners at Openings offer a wide choice of therapeutic approaches within a shared set of values based on the integrative approach, which draws on humanistic and transpersonal values.