Gemma Ireland

Biodynamic Psychotherapy
Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy

Fees: £60 (1.25 hrs), concessions possible
Availability: Wed, Thurs 2-10pm

telephone: 01225 447753
Mobile: 07463 975 837

I am interested in working with individuals both short-term and longer. Sessions are a combination of verbal work and bodywork. Bodywork includes biodynamic massage, energetic work and various biodynamic and neo-Reichian therapy techniques, both dynamic and otherwise.  One goal of biodynamic therapy is to release old holding patterns and tensions from your body, and to reconnect you to your authentic self physically as well as emotionally and mentally. To be at home within yourself promotes wholeness, peace, and harmony. It also gives you a sense of wellbeing, increases your energy levels and helps to release your creativity, both as a means of self-expression and in your day-to-day life.

By experiencing how you are physically and by letting go of old patterns of tension and contraction fromyour body, you can begin to feel better both within yourself and within your world.  You can learn to change how you feel in any moment and/or situation, so that you can continue to feel more at ease within yourself.  This can be beneficial in dealing with anxiety, fear, guilt,shame, depression, sadness, uncertainty, low self esteem etc.

Biodynamic work can help and support you in times of grief and bereavement, through life’s transitions and during big life changes.  if you feel angry, biodynamic therapy can facilitate the expression and release of anger in a physical, genuine way.  It can also offer simple concrete strategies for anger management.

I am at present also offering short-term biodynamic stress reduction and management work, which will enable you to understand, release, and regulate your stress. We will design and I will facilitate a predetermined number of sessions, which will include discussion, devising strategies and learning techniques, and bodywork (including biodynamic massage) to release stress from your body and restore its homeostasis (natural harmony).

Please contact me by phone for more info and/or a free introductory meeting. One point to note is that biodynamics approaches therapy through all aspects of a person, including his/her body.

UKCP Registered.  Graduate of Gerda Boyesen Institute, London (Trained by Gerda Boyesen); Qualifications in Biodynamic Massage and Bodywork, Biodynamic Physiatry, Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy; other qualifications include certificates in teaching adults, MA in Theatre, MFA in Fine Arts. My experience includes over 12 years in facilitating groups, over 15 years as a psychotherapist, over 20 years practising bodywork and energywork, and over 30 years as a practising artist.