Bay Deane


Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy
Shamanic Healing

Client Range: Psychotherapy – adult individuals. Shamanic Work – individuals and couples
Fees: £40
Availability: Wed pm. Other spaces in Frome.

Mobile: 07989 702 194

I work as a humanistic and integrative psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner.  As a therapist I like to help people get their lives on track.  I work creatively and holistically.  This involves looking back into childhood and also looking forward to new possibilities.  I include looking at how your body processes your emotional life and working on your connection to your creative core.  Short or long term.

Experiencing a shamanic session is a deep way of allowing yourself the space and time to re-connect with your soul and inner self.  A session will help harmonise and balance your energy.  Sounds are made with the voice and harp which allow you to relax at a deep level.  Soul Reconnection is a gentle way of finding a lost part of yourself.  Cord Cutting is for letting go of negative attachments, this can be to a person or a dependency,  Releasing Emotional Blocks is a lovely way of moving through ‘stuckness’ and finding strength to live with love.   You can come for an individual session or over a period of time.

I have a particular interest in working with people with trauma and PTSD:Childhood trauma and abuse (emotional, physical or sexual); Parenting and Adoption

Qualifications: MA and Diploma in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy – Submission stage.

Certificate in Shamanic Healing – Bridget Healing Centre,Glastonbury

10 Years experience in Body Psychotherapy, trauma work, healing using creative arts.

20 Years experience working in fields with parenting, childhood trauma and adoption

At my work place in Frome there is partial disabled access – one step into the room.