Transpersonal therapy

Offers a positive, life-enriching approach to the issues people face. It can help clients to discover and understand more about themselves and their deeper nature, so they can make choices that are more true to themselves.

The Transpersonal approach is a relatively new area of development in the field of psychotherapy, while drawing on centuries of theory and wisdom from both Eastern and Western traditions. Put simply, it offers a positive, creative and life-enriching attitude to the problems people encounter. Rather than pushing away our difficulties, it encourages us to welcome the challenges we face. The area of difficulty itself is seen as an opportunity to grow and discover more about our true and deeper self.

So the goal of transpersonal psychotherapy and counselling is not just to alleviate suffering, but to use this opportunity to bring about the integration of different aspects of ourselves, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This is achieved through an openness and acceptance of all aspects of a client’s experience, and can include working with dreams and images.